Pacific Liberty is a private investment group, fiduciary and corporate advisory established in 2014. Pacific Liberty engages in a broad range of mergers & acquisitions, direct investments and corporate advisory, across a wide variety of sectors and asset classes, including in private equity, growth equity, private ventures, real assets, public and private markets. Pacific Liberty has offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai.

Pacific Liberty does not directly manage 3rd party investments.

Our investment criteria/themes are listed here.


Our rigorous investing framework uses sophisticated risk profiling and asset allocation tools to ensure strategies are tailored to our defined goals.​


We take a long-term, inter-generational & global, view of wealth management and preservation, ensuring we’re confidently prepared for the future. 


At all times, our investment focus is on businesses and individuals that exhibit and adhere to real science and the scientific method.  This excludes many popular industries and themes.


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Pacific Liberty is a private investment, fiduciary and corporate advisory group. Our relationships are built on partnership, continuity and mutual trust. We actively embrace change to remain at the leading edge of a genuine growth industry – as we have done since 2014.

Pacific Liberty aspires to leverage its expertise and capital position to own and operate a selection of businesses globally.

We manage our company for the long term for our Principals/Founders and pursue a corporate strategy founded on four cornerstones:

  1. We passionately live pure private equity and investment – for ourselves locally and worldwide
  2. We are independent – remaining true to our heritage
  3. We give objective advice – leveraging our expertise
  4. We are entrepreneurial and innovative – setting the pace in the industry

This is built on a platform that prioritizes prudent financial and risk management and aims to deliver sustainable, industry-leading growth.

Pacific Liberty (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Singapore with a registered number of 201410699R.

Pacific Liberty (Hong Kong) Ltd is a company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong with a registered number of 2810082.

Pacific Liberty Partners LLC is a company limited by shares incorporated in Delaware, USA with registration number of 4032379.

Pacific Liberty Holdings DMCC is a company limited by shares incorporated in Dubai, UAE.


In all our activities, Pacific Liberty may use regulated partners and fund vehicles, thereby guaranteeing our business and services are legally compliant.

Our trusted partners for delivery of end to end services, includes:

Conduit Group, Licensed Securities and Fund Managers, Pilgrim Partners Asia & First Degree Asset Management, Licensed Fund Managers.

DBS, Bank of China, HSBC, JP Morgan Chase for Banking Services.

Swiss Invest for Custody Services.

ARIA Fund Services, Ascent Fund Admin for Fund Administration.

Swissquote Bank for Prime Brokerage.

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