Investment Thesis

From the leaders of our Pre-IPO fund.

We invest time & money in companies run the way we drive our cars…

  • They know where they want to go before they start (Worthwhile Goal)
  • They start with a detailed map of how to get there (Execution Plan)
  • They choose the fastest car & route they can find (Strategic)
  • They drive as fast as they can (Aggressive)
  • They keep their passengers “Safe” (Minimize Stakeholder Risk)
  • They aren’t afraid to use their brakes or change lanes (Decisive)
  • They scan ahead for openings in traffic (Anticipate external changes)
  • They always consider alternative routes as traffic gets heavier (Flexible)
  • They don’t ever run out of gas (Align incentives of All Stakeholders)

Parting thought:

Intelligence is like a 4-wheel drive…
… it just lets you get stuck in more remote places.

— Garrisson Keller