Private Asset Management

Pacific Liberty Private Wealth is a specialist wealth structuring team at the heart of Pacific Liberty’s service. We specialise in the efficient structuring, protection, growth and transferral of wealth.

Our teams of experienced professionals operate in various locations, including Hong Kong and Singapore. Working alongside you, your Client Relationship Officer and any tax or legal professionals, they craft bespoke solutions to protect and grow your assets, and facilitate the efficient transfer of wealth between generations.

Our wealth planners make full use of a range of structures – including trusts, funds, foundations and companies – as well as tax-efficient wrappers. Our structures may hold a variety of asset classes including cash and quoted investments, shares in private companies, real-estate and artwork. We can also hold intangible assets such as intellectual property and image rights. In certain circumstances, we will also draw on a network of external specialists.

Pacific Liberty Private Wealth embraces jurisdictional and product diversity, and the scope of our business ranges from holding structures to complex multi-structural family arrangements. However, we are always clear that our recommended wealth structuring solution must fit with your life, and be flexible enough to accommodate your changing circumstances.