Private Label Funds

Setup an investment fund solution under your own name, you decide the investment strategy and the fee structure, we take care of the rest.

Private Label Funds are collective investment vehicles for one or more investors. 

Using a fund to pool capital, investors gain increased access to larger investment transactions. This increased investment capacity will also provide access to institutional products and professional client services; effectively positioning you via the fund to take full advantage of top rated brokerage, global custody services and asset servicing platforms. 

So why not set up a fund under your own name and outsource parts of the value chain? If you opt for a private label fund, we take care of the fund set-up and management and also provide you with the necessary advice and administrative support. All regulatory and supervisory issues, risks and responsibilities are delegated to the fund manager. In this way you lighten your administrative load and optimise the profitability of your company while enjoying a high level of process security.