Project Funding

We offer a full range of project funding and management services from project conception to project completion and beyond. We are able to assist our clients in assessing and managing the many variables that can affect the outcome of a project, including the political, social, legal and other risks that are inherent in complex, large scale projects and cross-border transactions

Project Financing Overview

We have significant experience in helping clients navigate the complexities of each phase of a transaction including:

  • Preliminary evaluation and due diligence
  • Interfacing with local counsel and host country negotiations
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating project documents, term sheets, financing agreements and security documents
  • Overseeing the disbursement process, including satisfaction of conditions of disbursement
  • Advising during operational period

Who we work with
Our large clientele consists of medium, large and multi-national corporations including:

  • Infrastructure Projects backed by governments or municipality
  • Insurance Companies
  • Real estate Development Companies
  • Private Bankers
  • Universities & Colleges

Projects that are difficult to fund:

  • Gambling
  • Robotics
  • AI
  • Crypto
  • Defence
  • ESG, Green, Carbon or Climate Change related
  • Mining
  • Projects without a level of community improvement